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 Water Safety Instructor Course (WSI)

WSI is a nationally known certification to teach students how to teach swim lessons - including stroke development, learning process, practice teaching, American Red Cross program knowledge, and lesson planning skills. The WSI course is a minimum of 30.25 hours, 25 minutes plus breaks for meals and changing clothing between pool and land sessions (23.5 in class/pool, and about 7 online at home). Carroll offers the class in both a blended learning option (where about 7 hours of the 30 is completed at home) and instructor-led style where all the work is completed in class in a 30 hour course. In the event of a blended learning class, students will need access to a computer and internet - if this is of concern please let us know in advance and we can make arrangements.

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Certification is not guaranteed. Students must pass pre-course, attend all class sessions, complete online coursework, demonstrate all skills proficiently, and pass a written test at 80% and be successful at practice teaching. Certification is valid 2 years, and to renew you must teach as an AP or LTP turning in records and do an online "review" every 2 years.
Pre-Course Skills must be Passed before class or on day 1 (depending on class schedule) in order to participate in the full class. 
*Be 16 years of age by last day of class
*Swim 25 yards each at Level 4 competency:     front crawl/freestyle, back crawl/backstroke, breaststroke, elementary back stroke, sidestroke

*Swim 15 yards butterfly at Level 4 competency
*Tread water for 1 minute
*Maintain position on back for 1 minute in deep water (floating or sculling)

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