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Membership Prices CARROLL REC CENTER

Recreation Center Membership Prices:

Family                            1 year               $453.00 or PAMP is $37.75/month
Single Parent Family     1 year               $399.00 or PAMP is $33.25/month
Adult                              1 year               $228.00 or PAMP is $19.00/month
College Student             1 year              $204.00 or PAMP is $17.00/month                 
Youth                             1 year               $156.00 or PAMP is $13.00/month                                          
Senior Citizen                1 year               $204.00 or PAMP is $17.00/month
Senior Couple               1 year               $360.00 or PAMP is $30.00/month    

Family                           1 month            $50.00/month
Single Parent Family    1 month            $47.00/month
Adult                             1 month            $31.00/month
College Student            1 month           $29.00/month             
Youth                            1 month            $23.00/month                                     
Senior Citizen               1 month            $29.00/month
Senior Couple               1 month            $45.00/month   

Daily Admission - Youth - $5.00; Adult - $8.00 - Admission is good for the whole day.



- All fees include sales tax already figured in.  Membership fees effective July 1, 2016.
- A $20.00 surcharge is assessed on a returned check. 
- Definition of a family: Consists of one or two parents or legal guardians and all children defined as youth (a youth is anyone 18 and still in high school) living in the same household. A college student age 23 and younger may be considered part of the family and may be considered on the membership. A child will not be considered on a family membership if the child is 18 and out of high school, not attending college.
-Definition of Single Parent family: Single parent/guardian and their dependent children living in the same household. Children up to age 18 or 23, if full time college student, must have proof.
- College student: To get college rate, the student must provide a current class schedule.
- Children 5 years and under are admitted free (with a paying adult). Youth are considered to be 6 to 18 years old (still in high school). Adults are considered to be 18 years and older. Senior Citizens are 62 years and older. 
- Membership cards are not transferable to another person and your card should be scanned at the Control Desk when arriving at the Rec Center.  Cards are for the use of the person whose name appears on the front.  Membership cards are issued to members who are 8 years and older.  Youth under 8 years of age are expected to be with a card holding adult and under their supervision.
- 1 year and 1 month memberships are for that period of time from the date of purchase.
- PAMP (Pre-Authorized Monthly Payment) applies to annual memberships only.  The member is agreeing to have the membership at least 1 year.  This annual membership is paid for by a monthly withdrawal from your bank account.  The first month will be charged to your account the following day of signing up.  The withdrawals and membership will continue after the first year until the member notifies the Rec Center office in writing of his/her wish to cancel (need 30 days notice).