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Upcoming Classes at the Carroll Recreation Center

Carroll offers "Blended Learning" where students complete online learning at home on their computer prior to coming to do classroom work. To get this completed, click here to start

Carroll Recreation Center is an authorized provider of the American Red Cross and teaches classroom and "blended learning" options for the lifeguarding class. Blended learning includes a large portion of the class learning to be done online at home via the internet class on your own time, and mostly skills on land and water to be completed during class time. The lifeguard course is a minimum of 27 hours, 25 minutes plus breaks for meals and changing clothing between pool and land sessions.

Certification is not guaranteed. Students must pass pre-course, attend all class sessions, complete online coursework, demonstrate all skills proficiently, and pass two written tests at 80% and be successful at completion of final skills testing. Certification includes lifeguarding, first aid, CPR for all ages, and AED training which will be valid for 2 years.
Pre-Course Skills must be Passed before class or on day 1 (depending on class schedule) in order to participate in the full class. 
*300 swim, non-stop using only front crawl and/or breaststroke - goggles are allowed
*2 minute tread, with hands under armpits
*Timed Event - 1 minute 40 seconds, swim & dive to retrieve brick then swim on back with brick and exit pool without steps/stair


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Download the manual, click the manual below

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Get on a list and when we have 5-10 individuals, we will create a class for you!

Contact McKenzie by phone 712-792-5400 or email:






The Carroll Recreation Center will be offering a Lifeguard Instructor Course annually or bi-annually depending on need. This is a class that is a minimum of 21 hours 45 minutes, plus time for meals and breaks and changing clothes from land to water sessions. Before the first day of class, members will have to complete an online "pre-course" via the internet. The weekend of class, evenings need to be devoted to planning and preparing your "practice teachings" for the next day. 
If this class dates/times does not work for you, please call the Carroll Recreation Center at 712-792-5400 and ask to be placed on the waitlist.

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