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American Red Cross Swim Lesson Level Information: 





Preschool 1


comfort in water, submerging the face and blowing bubbles, floating and gliding with support, and building overall confidence in and around the water

child does not yet put face in the water, little to no fear of water, 30 minute attention span

Preschool 2


develop independent movement in the water by learning skills such as floating, gliding and kicking, working to complete floating with only assistance to start and stop

child is comfortable going under water independently, but cannot yet float without help

Preschool 3


work to float with complete independence, from start to finish, moving to shoulder deep water is introduced with treading and other safety skills

can float without assistance, or just needs help to “start” or “stand up”.

Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills

6 or above

comfort in water such as submerging the face, breathe control and building overall confidence in the water, learning to fully submerge face and body, breath rhythmically, experience buoyancy while float/swim on front and back with support.

child not comfortable holding breath or submerging, may have fears

*for children who did not pass Preschool 1

Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills

6 or above

work to become independent with floating on stomach and back without support and recover to a vertical position. Gliding, swimming with arm and leg action, rhythmic breathing, rolling in water, changing directions, treading, and other safety skills will be taught.

child can submerge entire body, can float relaxed on front and back with support

*for children who passed any preschool aquatics class

Level 3: Stroke Development

6 or above

front crawl and elementary back float is introduced, along with side swimming and various kicks of dolphin, whip, and scissor. Deep-water work including seated and kneeling dives and treading. This level coordinates the front and back strokes. Safety topics introduce survival floats and bobbing to safety

child is ready to attempt swimming across the lap pool, and be introduced to the deep end

Level 4: Stroke Improvement

6 or above

strokes introduced includes breaststroke, butterfly, sidestroke, and back crawl, as well as open turns 25 yards. Students continue front crawl and elementary back stroke work. Deep-end skills include standing head-first diving, feet-first surface dives, treading with various kicks and safety topics.

child who can swim across the pool without stopping using front crawl or elementary back stroke, must be able to tread in deep water with comfort.

Level 5: Stroke Refinement

6 or above

continue developing endurance for all 6 strokes and flip turns, working to swim most strokes 50 yards. Diving is continued as well as surface dives and various safety skills.

Swim all 6 strokes across the pool at least 25 yards and able to do a standing dive.

Level 6: Fitness Swimmer

6 or above

Level 6 Fitness Swimmer introduces healthy life habits for swimming and fitness, including the “Cooper 12 minute swim”, planning a workout, various water fitness, using equipment and finding target heart rate.

Swim all 6 strokes across the pool at least 50 yards


If you have a membership or have registered for programs or leagues since 2017, your family already has an online account. Please call the Recreation Center office for your information so we do not duplicate accounts. We are happy to help! 712-792-5400 and ask for the office!                        

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 To Find a Lifeguarding Class - Click Here

If you have a membership, please contact us for login. If wanting to work for the REC, please stop by the office to complete an application and register for discount price. 


 To Find a Lifeguarding Class - Click Here

If you have a membership, please contact us for login. If wanting to work for the REC, please stop by the office to complete an application and register for discount price.

   Carroll Rec Center Pool Area

Indoor Pool Hours:

Monday - Friday

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Open Swim

11:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Open Swim

4:00 PM - 8:45 PM

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10:00 AM - 6:45 PM

Open Swim

12:00 PM - 6:45 PM Open Swim 


  • On early out school days, normal hours remain the same.
  • On pre-scheduled no school days, the pool will be open 6:00-7:30 am, and 11:00 am-8:45 pm. 
  • Other programs such as swim lessons and water aerobics may occur during open swim hours.
  • During swim practices in the evenings, the pool remains open with shared lanes.
  • Swim team occupies lanes 3-6 (high school 4-6 PM, CAST 6-8 PM, high school divers utilize the board.)
  • Lane 1 is for water walkers, Lane 2 is for lap swimmers to share.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The indoor pool will close for swim meets (see dates below).


Days the Pool is Closed for High School and CAST Swim Meets

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Saturday, January 30, 2021